Does your business need more Internet bandwidth?

Bandwidth can be thought of as an electronic by-way that connects the Internet to your computer. Increasing bandwidth (widening the lane) allows more traffic to flow, increasing speed.

Do you know your speed?
Test your speed now at www.SpeedTest.net to test yours now.

To acheive optimum speed depends on many factors:
How many users?
Shared with your phone service?
Do you need to upload large files?
Do you host your own server?

Which option is best for your usage?
DSL | Dedicated Internet Access
(T1, DS3, Ethernet) Bonded T1’s
Fiber | Cable

AuditTEL can help with these answers.

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Have you reviewed your current phone plan lately ?

Phone Service ranges from basic phone service plans to ones with unlimited local phone calling, nationwide long distance plans, or international plans.

How many phone lines do you need?
How many phone are used simultaneously?
Do you have a separate phone line for your credit card machines, alarm lines?
Do you have remote users working from a home office, or other locations?

These features you may have but don't need OR that you need but don't have to make your telecom system work more efficiently.
Business Lines | ISDN-PRI | T1 Bundles
Long Distance – Switched & Dedicated
Low International Rates | VoIP
Toll Free Service | International Toll Free
DID (Direct Inward Dial)

AuditTEL can help with these features.

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When was the last time you checked for billing errors?

AuditTEL is able to perform a comprehensive inventory and inspection of your telecom services invoices to bring you an understanding of how things are really done behind the scenes.  

Part of our superior auditing process includes detailed analysis of each line item in your bill.
We help to evaluate.... 

What is the service item?
What is it costing you?
What is its function and benefit to?
Is there a better alternative?

Upon our completion of a thorough audit of your telecom services, we leave you with simple, easy to follow, methods that will allow you to continue monitoring your monthly invoices and make intelligent decisions to keep your expenses running smoothly and efficiently.

AuditTEL can help you save $$

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